Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Use for Wine Rack: K-cup holder

I am always looking for new ways to change found objects that I find at garage sales. I found this wine rack at a g-sale for only $1.00. I do not drink wine very often but I knew that I would find another purpose for it. I was trying to think of a canister that would fit in it. So I walked all around Walmart looking for ideas. I ran across the Pringles cans and thought that would be perfect. So I thought I'd make a sacrafice and buy them (...kidding...I LOVE Pringles...).

So then I had to decide what I was going to store in them....ah ha...I rencently bought a Keurig coffee maker at work and I needed something to store my K-cups! So I got out the Mod Podge and covered the outside, the bottom and the inside of the lid with scrapbook paper.

Here are the results...

...much cuter than the coffee box they came in.