Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Use for Wine Rack: K-cup holder

I am always looking for new ways to change found objects that I find at garage sales. I found this wine rack at a g-sale for only $1.00. I do not drink wine very often but I knew that I would find another purpose for it. I was trying to think of a canister that would fit in it. So I walked all around Walmart looking for ideas. I ran across the Pringles cans and thought that would be perfect. So I thought I'd make a sacrafice and buy them (...kidding...I LOVE Pringles...).

So then I had to decide what I was going to store in them....ah ha...I rencently bought a Keurig coffee maker at work and I needed something to store my K-cups! So I got out the Mod Podge and covered the outside, the bottom and the inside of the lid with scrapbook paper.

Here are the results...

...much cuter than the coffee box they came in.

Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Garage Sale finds got facelifts yesterday

I worked on some garage sale finds yesterday. First of all, I hit all the g-sales, but there aren't many on Sundays, which is probably a good thing, because I aready have a TON of projects that I want to work on. So, my daughter likes to collect church items. (She is only 10 years old, unusual I know, but she loves crosses and bibles and other stuff like that) Last summer, she found an old church kneeler at a garage sale that she bought for only $2. I was like it was meant to be, because she said that she had always wanted one. It is pretty old and had a lot of water damage. It had likely been in damp storage for a long time. She decided that she wanted to spray paint it to clean it up and make it her own. I decided to let her do that yesterday. She painted it a lavender color and it is really pretty now and very suitable to her tastes. Now we just have to figure out a way to cover the kneeler part with a coordinating fabric. It is turning out way cuter than I even imagined.

Last week at a g-sale, we found an old vanity chair with golden colored metal frame and an ulgy gold upolstered seat. My 6 year old wanted this chair. The frame is now painted purple and she picked out a fabric for the cover that is pink flannel with a bright frog print. I love how this is turning out too. I love doing this kind of stuff. It gets the creative juices flowing and my spirits up!
I will post pics when they are done....hummm....what to work on next???

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some new crafts...inspiration: Birthday gifts!!!

I have been trying a few crafts to find my niche, but I realized this week that making gifts for my kids' birthday parties that they were invited to is a good way to give a one-of-a-kind gift without breaking the budget. A few weeks ago I painted a 8x10 picture frame, bright pink. I put in coordinating craft paper and the glass back in to make a dry erase board. I bought a new dry erase pen that had a clip and I glued a loop, made out of ribbon to hang the pen on the side. My daughter's 10 yr old friend, who received the gift for her birthday, told her that she really liked it.

So, this Saturday brings another birthday party for an 8 yr old. I decided I was going to try to make her a pillow decorated with woven ribbons on it. Her mom told me that her favorite character is the Little Mermaid, so I found some Ariel ribbons on clearance at Walmart and incorporated it into her pillow. It turned out SO cute. I made another one with some dog ribbon that I had on hand, here is a pic of it:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Glass bead decorating = Mom/Daughter bonding time

My 3 girls and I had a blast decorating fun glass beads to make magnets this weekend. I found the beads at Dollar Tree and we Mod Podged pictures from magazines and also tried to decorate with fabrics. I don't know if they would ever sell at a craft fair, but we think that they are SO cute! It is fun trying. My two youngest love American Girls Dolls, so we make some magnets out of pictures from the catalog. We also found some pics from popular cartoons and some adorable animals. The girls really enjoyed the crafty time...bonding time, if nothing else. They love the idea of their own creations, possibly selling to help out the family. Maybe it will all work out sometime where we can try.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Beautiful weather = spray paint FUN!

It was a "crafty" weekend, and I forget how much I LOVE creating and making something old, new again.

I hit many garage sales over the last few weeks and collected several inexpensive picture frames and shelves. My project I am most proud of if my "County Heart" Revisisted Pegboard. It started out white, with 80s country blue and light pink and it was really my kids want to keep it. I just painted it all black and then found some pink and green craft paper and mod podged it onto it. SO CUTE for a kids room!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1st attempt at Mod Podge

I have been wanting to try Mod Podge for years, but never did. Pinterest get me wanting to try it again, so here is my first "go" at it, just to tinker with the medium. I had an old boring trash can and I glued on a picture from a calendar I found on clearance for $.10. I had nothing to lose for the first try. I made if for my daughter's room...I think it turned out pretty cute and now I know what not to do on my next project. Fun!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm officially a Pinterest Addict!!! So many awesome ideas and I want to do all of them today...not practical...but it is fun to dream. Right? Now I have to figure out what I want to make, that is most enjoyable, practical and marketable. So many ideas, so little time!!!

Here are my Pinerests if you are interested :)

I would love to see your pages too, if you happen across this blog. Just comment your link too. Always love seeing new ideas.