Monday, May 21, 2012

2 Garage Sale finds got facelifts yesterday

I worked on some garage sale finds yesterday. First of all, I hit all the g-sales, but there aren't many on Sundays, which is probably a good thing, because I aready have a TON of projects that I want to work on. So, my daughter likes to collect church items. (She is only 10 years old, unusual I know, but she loves crosses and bibles and other stuff like that) Last summer, she found an old church kneeler at a garage sale that she bought for only $2. I was like it was meant to be, because she said that she had always wanted one. It is pretty old and had a lot of water damage. It had likely been in damp storage for a long time. She decided that she wanted to spray paint it to clean it up and make it her own. I decided to let her do that yesterday. She painted it a lavender color and it is really pretty now and very suitable to her tastes. Now we just have to figure out a way to cover the kneeler part with a coordinating fabric. It is turning out way cuter than I even imagined.

Last week at a g-sale, we found an old vanity chair with golden colored metal frame and an ulgy gold upolstered seat. My 6 year old wanted this chair. The frame is now painted purple and she picked out a fabric for the cover that is pink flannel with a bright frog print. I love how this is turning out too. I love doing this kind of stuff. It gets the creative juices flowing and my spirits up!
I will post pics when they are done....hummm....what to work on next???

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